You may or may not have realized that you were hearing the rich tones and story telling solos of Tivon Pennicott on various Gregory Porter tracks such as "Hey Laura", "Real Good Hands" and "Be Good" to name a few. Deservedly so, Tivon is a 3x Grammy winner, appearing on three of Gregory Porter's albums: "Be Good", "Liquid Spirit", & "Take Me to the Alley" as well as Esperanza Spalding's album: "Radio Music Society". Not only has Tivon collaborated with numerous artists, but he is a strong leader in his own right with his album debut, "Lover of Nature" in 2014.

Tivon moved to New York in 2009, prepared musically, but completely unprepared logistically. In order to stay afloat, his first 3 months of New York were spent living in the Lower East Side sleeping in his 95' Nissan Altima. Needless to say, he persevered and quickly established himself within the scene, he was able to begin working and touring with Gregory Porter, the masterful drummer Al Foster, Roy Hargrove's RH Factor, Roy Hargrove Big Band, jazz songstress Nellie Mckay, R&B crooner Joe Thomas and central figures in the contemporary jazz scene, like Ari Hoenig.


Tivon’s own endeavors as a leader showcase his tenacity as a player, while also providing a forum for his audacious compositions. His unique style incorporates his masterful attention to rhythm, tasteful melodic lines, and his deep understanding of the importance of the groove. His maturity as a player extends far beyond his years, facilitating music that is refreshing, insightful, and deliciously exciting. Pick up his debut album "Lover of Nature" via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc.